Naturopathic Services

Dr. Jessica Beatty, BSc. ND
Naturopathic Doctor (MNA, OncANP)

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Dr. Dara Morden, BSc. ND
Naturopathic Doctor (MNA,CAND)

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Naturopathic medicine is preventative medicine through the use of a variety of evidence-based natural therapies. A Naturopathic doctor is medically trained, naturally focused and regulated through the provincial association (Manitoba Naturopathic Association and the national association (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

A visit to a Naturopathic doctor can be considered alongside or in place of any issue that would bring you to see your regular medical doctor. Naturopathic doctors are not covered by provincial healthcare, but are covered through extended medical plans. During a first visit, I will review and examine all of your health concerns in detail to determine the root cause(s) of your complaints. Often lab tests are recommended and/or requested from your medical doctor. If necessary, I will send you to a lab for bloodwork that I specifically need.

*Physical examination
*Laboratory testing either in-office, or via requisition form for a municipal laboratory, or a take-home test kit where samples are collected at home and mailed into a laboratory and results sent to your Naturopathic doctor. 
*Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
*IV therapy
*Vitamin injections
*Zinc assessment test in-office
*Urine analysis: in-office testing
*Neuralprolotherapy for chronic pain relief and management 
*Gynecological examinations, PAP testing
*Bowen Therapy
The process of the restoration of your health is unique to you. You are the the only one responsible for the health and function of your body, and it is the Naturopathic doctors job to guide you in the right direction using medicine that is safe and effective.

Typically the initial visit is more than enough to gather all of the information needed to begin your longer term plan. A follow-up visit within a few weeks of the first visit is needed to review any labwork and to solidify that plan. Longer-term follow-up visits (2-4X/year) are scheduled to check-in with your progress. If you are suffering from a more serious condition, such as cancer or chronic pain, more visits are necessary to treat underlying causative factors.

A Naturopathic doctor is like the general practitioner of the natural medicine world.

Common conditions that bring a patient to a Naturopathic doctor include digestive concerns such as: IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, acid reflux and heartburn or food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. Hormone imbalances such as: infertility, painful menstruation, perimenopause, menopause, andropause (male menopause) or hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Cardiovascular concerns such as: congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and post-operative recovery.

Skin conditions such as: excema, psoriasis, acne and hives. Respiratory conditions such as: allergies, asthma and chronic sinus infections. Autoimmune conditions such as: rheumatoid arthritis, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, graves disease, celiac disease and lupus. Chronic pain conditions associated with osteoarthritis, tendinitis and disc herniations.

Conditions related to chronic stress such as: adrenal fatigue, poor sleep, emotional swings and fatigue.

Dr. Beatty is passionate on the use of natural medicine alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of cancer. There is a very strong base of evidence regarding the usage of diet, exercise, certain herbal medicines, antioxidants and high doses of vitamin C. It is important to understand that not all natural medicines are safe when combined with chemotherapy or radiation. It is the Naturopathic doctors job to sift through the potential interactions between any herbs, vitamins or antioxidants and your chemotherapy or radiation therapy and prescribe their medicines appropriately.

A cancer treatment plan from Dr. Beatty is quite different from a regular treatment plan. Often Dr. Beatty will take the first visit to review your cancer treatment history from Cancer Care and to have a realistic discussion with you regarding your goals and expectations of using Naturopathic medicine alongside your conventional therapies. Dr. Beatty will then request all pertinent information from Cancer Care and compile a very detailed treatment plan including diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutrient prescriptions (with specific dosing around chemo or radiation), and any intravenous or injectable prescriptions. The treatment plan is made available to the patient 3-7 days after the first visit.

Dr. Beatty is aware that there are many health claims floating around the internet stating their curative capacities for cancer. Because of this only compounds that have gone through human clinical trials are recommended. I will inform you ahead of time if a compound I recommend does not have this level of research behind it and you would make that decision together with Dr. Beatty.

Appointment Types

Initial Visit: 90 Minutes
Initial Visit: 60 Minutes Pediatric
Follow-up Visit: 45 Minutes
Follow-up Visit: 30 Minutes
Acute (Emergency): 15 Minutes
Phone Consults: Vary in length; from 5-90 Minutes
IV Vitamin Therapy
Neuralprolo injection therapy
Vitamin Injections (B12)
Botanical Injections (Mistletoe)

Types of IV Therapies Available

-IV Vitamin C: for cancer treatment or general immune support
-IV Glutathione
-IV EDTA for chelation therapy
-IV Myers
-IV Myers Immune
-IV Minerals
-IV botanicals (artemesinin, curcumin, glyccyrhiza)