Honey and Homeopathy: Nature’s Antihistamine

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The homeopathic principle is on full display in the springtime in the prairies. If you are a flower-child who suffers from seasonal allergies, consider the old saying: “the cure is in the hair of the dog that bit you.” Raw honey naturally contains microdoses of pollens specific to local flora. Dust, mold, and pollen in high concentrations obviously tend to … Read More

Cannabis and Oncology

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Dr. Jessica Beatty, ND New Legislation brings a new frontier in the use of this versatile herb. Cannabis has an extensive array of uses in the world of oncology. A meta-analysis review of 30 articles showed a superiority of cannabis in the treatment of nausea and vomiting over conventional drugs (Machado Rocha, et al. 2008). This has largely been the … Read More

Insulin Resistance: The Right Genes at the Wrong Time

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Dr. Jessica Beatty, ND Insulin resistance is so common in our population that as much as 50% of the population carry genes related to the expression of insulin resistance. This is likely an indication of an ancient genetic expression of caloric thrifty-ness, unfortunately expressed during the wrong era. The body composition of someone who is expressing insulin resistance is typically … Read More

1 Year Anniversary!!

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Happy Birthday to us!! What a wonderful first year as a local business! Thank-you, Winnipeg! We are so proud of how far we’ve come in this first year and are thrilled to see what the next years have to bring. Thank you to our fantastic St. Boniface community, to our network of local business owners who have come to refer … Read More

Naturopathic Medical Externship – Ashley Cassan

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Exciting February News! We are hosting the first naturopathic medical externship in Winnipeg at Via Natural Medicine.⠀ ⠀ Our gift to the Winnipeg health community: we are offering 50% off naturopathic medical services with Naturopathic Intern Ashley Cassan, who will be mentored and supervised by our very own Dr. Beatty. This offer is limited from February 8th – March 2nd. … Read More

Gift Certificates!

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Gift Certificate Dec 2016

We have gift certificates!⠀ ⠀ If you’re looking to treat a loved one to a unique gift this holiday season, we’ve got just the thing! Treatments include Ayurvedic massage, homeopathic consults, naturopathy, massage therapy, and hypnotherapy sessions. Gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be used for any product or service at the clinic.⠀ ⠀ 🎄Happy Holidays!

The Healing Properties of Frankincense

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It’s #MedicineMonday! Today we are sharing the healing properties of Frankincense, (tis the season, after all!) One of the most ancient and powerful medicines, Frankincense, known in botanical medicine as Boswellia, was once more revered than gold due to its therapeutic qualities. Over time, studies have continued to confirm the ancient healing properties of Frankincense, most notably its anti-inflammatory properties. … Read More