Law of Similars: The Teaching Medicine

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Homeopathy is the system of medicine based on the principle that like cures like. “Homeo,” is the latin prefix for “similar,” and “pathy,” the latin suffix for pathology, or disease. Meaning homeopathy is a form of medical therapy where the treatment involves a medicine that is similar to the disease that we are aiming to repair. This may seem quite counterintuitive at first glance, … Read More

Reconnecting with you as we re-open our doors

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We are happy to announce that effective May 4th, we are re-opening the clinic to the public. As per the guidelines of the Province of Manitoba, we will be employing the following recommendations to continue to support the health and safety of all as we re-open our doors.◦Staff, patients, or people attending with patients must use the self-screening tool before … Read More

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

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intravenous drop

Nutrient therapy is a very important part of Naturopathic treatment to support optimal health.  The most common administration of nutrient therapy is oral in the form of various supplements.  Depending on the integrity of the digestive system and its ability to effectively absorb these nutrients, occasionally it may be necessary to deliver nutrients directly to the cells via intravenous administration.  … Read More

Honey and Homeopathy: Nature’s Antihistamine

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The homeopathic principle is on full display in the springtime in the prairies. If you are a flower-child who suffers from seasonal allergies, consider the old saying: “the cure is in the hair of the dog that bit you.” Raw honey naturally contains microdoses of pollens specific to local flora. Dust, mold, and pollen in high concentrations obviously tend to … Read More

Cannabis and Oncology

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Dr. Jessica Beatty, ND New Legislation brings a new frontier in the use of this versatile herb. Cannabis has an extensive array of uses in the world of oncology. A meta-analysis review of 30 articles showed a superiority of cannabis in the treatment of nausea and vomiting over conventional drugs (Machado Rocha, et al. 2008). This has largely been the … Read More

Insulin Resistance: The Right Genes at the Wrong Time

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Dr. Jessica Beatty, ND Insulin resistance is so common in our population that as much as 50% of the population carry genes related to the expression of insulin resistance. This is likely an indication of an ancient genetic expression of caloric thrifty-ness, unfortunately expressed during the wrong era. The body composition of someone who is expressing insulin resistance is typically … Read More