1 Year Anniversary!!

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Happy Birthday to us!! What a wonderful first year as a local business! Thank-you, Winnipeg! We are so proud of how far we’ve come in this first year and are thrilled to see what the next years have to bring. Thank you to our fantastic St. Boniface community, to our network of local business owners who have come to refer … Read More

The Healing Properties of Frankincense

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It’s #MedicineMonday! Today we are sharing the healing properties of Frankincense, (tis the season, after all!) One of the most ancient and powerful medicines, Frankincense, known in botanical medicine as Boswellia, was once more revered than gold due to its therapeutic qualities. Over time, studies have continued to confirm the ancient healing properties of Frankincense, most notably its anti-inflammatory properties. … Read More

Meditation for Self-Care and Healing

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Start your New Year with a series of meditation classes at Via Natural Medicine! 🌿😌 …⠀ Back by popular demand! Meditation teacher Blair Jensen from the Yoga Centre Winnipeg will be sharing his talent and wisdom to teach meditation practice with a focus on self-care and healing.⠀ …⠀ Meditation for Self-Care and Healing⠀ ⠀ 4 Sessions | Sundays 9:30am-10:30am⠀ January … Read More

A Natural Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention

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I don’t need to bore with you statistics telling you that breast cancer rates are on the rise in Canada, particularly in Manitoba.  Rather than instill in you a sense of fear, thereby increasing your stress hormones and making you even more susceptible to this disease, I will try to give you some hope, that you can do many things … Read More

The Medicine of Mindfulness

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New research in neuro-chemistry indicates that your thoughts affect your gene expression. This means that habitual thoughts literally affect the genes that determine your body composition, predisposition to disease, and ability to heal. So the question is, how do we adopt habitual habits of thinking that are positive and therapeutic? So much of the way that we habitually think, feel, … Read More

The Neurogenic Inflammatory Root of Chronic Pain

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There are many theories of as to why some people suffer from pain that lingers far longer than the typical time it takes to heal tissue that has been traumatized.  In our youth our parents and health care providers would praise our young bodies’ ability to recover quickly without long-term sequelae.  Certainly the term ‘over-use’ is thrown about as a … Read More

September Immune Support

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In Winnipeg, the transition from summer to winter is epic! It is invariably a stressor to our immune function. Whether you’re starting a new school year, or just making it back to work after a vacation, immune support is a September must! Even “good” stress can lead to inflammation and immune suppression. A change in weather, a change in natural … Read More

Healing with Fermented Foods Workshop

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Join holistic health coach Ashley Pharazyn for a workshop in how to make, store and use fermented foods such as Kefir, Kombucha, bone broth, and fermented vegetables. Fermented foods support the balance of healthy gut flora which increases immune function, hormone balance, and neurological health. $35 for 1 session or $60 for both workshops. Join us at Via Natural Medicine … Read More

Childhood Nutrition

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Childhood Nutrition Even children from loving homes can be malnourished. Nutrient deficiencies in children are common and can go undetected for many years and even into adulthood. Do you have a picky eater in your family? Are you concerned that your kids aren’t getting the ideal variety of nutrients in adequate amounts? Dr. Cardona is our paediatric homeopathic doctor and … Read More

Meditations and Mantras for Self-Care and Healing

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Via Natural Medicine presents: Meditations and Mantras for Self-Care and Healing Tuesday, July 5th from 7-8:30 PM Love yourself with an Introduction to Meditation class at Via Natural Medicine! Meditation teacher Blair Jensen from the Yoga Centre Winnipeg will be sharing his talent and wisdom to teach meditation practice with a focus on self-care and healing. The vast health benefits … Read More