Favorite Go-To Remedies

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It’s ‪#‎medicinemonday‬! As a practicing Naturopath, Dr. Beatty has a few favourite go-to ‪#‎remedies‬. Now take note, a few of these are perfect for summer time ailments 😉 1. Tea tree oil: Melaleuca alternifolia – your broadspectrum antimicrobial. Great for sanitizing superficial wounds, and treating fungal skin irritations. You can even use it to clean your bathroom! 2. Apple cider … Read More

A Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach to Cancer

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By now you have likely been through the Cancer Care model at either one of Winnipeg’s well-established St. Boniface or HSc hospitals. You’ve seen any number of highly respected oncologists, nurse or nurse practitioners and pharmacists. You’ve either been given a treatment plan, you are undergoing treatment, or you’ve been transferred to a palliative care team (or hopefully you are … Read More