Naturopathic Medical Externship – Ashley Cassan

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Exciting February News! We are hosting the first naturopathic medical externship in Winnipeg at Via Natural Medicine.⠀ ⠀ Our gift to the Winnipeg health community: we are offering 50% off naturopathic medical services with Naturopathic Intern Ashley Cassan, who will be mentored and supervised by our very own Dr. Beatty. This offer is limited from February 8th – March 2nd. … Read More

A Natural Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention

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I don’t need to bore with you statistics telling you that breast cancer rates are on the rise in Canada, particularly in Manitoba.  Rather than instill in you a sense of fear, thereby increasing your stress hormones and making you even more susceptible to this disease, I will try to give you some hope, that you can do many things … Read More

The Neurogenic Inflammatory Root of Chronic Pain

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There are many theories of as to why some people suffer from pain that lingers far longer than the typical time it takes to heal tissue that has been traumatized.  In our youth our parents and health care providers would praise our young bodies’ ability to recover quickly without long-term sequelae.  Certainly the term ‘over-use’ is thrown about as a … Read More

Favorite Go-To Remedies

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It’s ‪#‎medicinemonday‬! As a practicing Naturopath, Dr. Beatty has a few favourite go-to ‪#‎remedies‬. Now take note, a few of these are perfect for summer time ailments 😉 1. Tea tree oil: Melaleuca alternifolia – your broadspectrum antimicrobial. Great for sanitizing superficial wounds, and treating fungal skin irritations. You can even use it to clean your bathroom! 2. Apple cider … Read More

A Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach to Cancer

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By now you have likely been through the Cancer Care model at either one of Winnipeg’s well-established St. Boniface or HSc hospitals. You’ve seen any number of highly respected oncologists, nurse or nurse practitioners and pharmacists. You’ve either been given a treatment plan, you are undergoing treatment, or you’ve been transferred to a palliative care team (or hopefully you are … Read More