The most important issue that we can address to better our health is the food we eat or avoid.

"It is possible that if you heal your gut, most of your other health symptoms will disappear." Dr. Jessica Beatty, ND

The food we can consume or avoid can slow our life down and make our daily life difficult, our overall health can deteriorate quickly or take years to express in our bodies and it's intricate systems that affect the whole.

The food choices we make are vital.

Look forward to a healthier lifestyle with less bloating, discomfort and chronic gut issues.

The choices we make can significantly affect our health outcomes. Diet is essential to assist your body, and we can help you navigate the vast amount of information available. Let us serve as a guide to assist you in making helpful food choices for yourself.

What Are The Symptoms Of PFPS?

PFPS produces a dull pain behind the kneecap. It is aggravated by:

  • Prolonged walking
  • Running
  • Squatting
  • Jumping
  • Stair climbing
  • Arising from a seated position.

The pain can be aggrevated by walking downhill or down stairs. Longstanding misalignment can cause damage to the cartilage, which results in popping, grinding or giving way.

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