Naturopathic Medicine is Preventative Medicine

A Naturopathic Doctor is medically trained, naturally focused and regulated through the provincial association (Manitoba Naturopathic Association and the national association (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

You can consider visiting a Naturopathic Doctor alongside any issue that would bring you to see your regular Medical Doctor. Naturopathic doctors are not covered by provincial healthcare but through extended medical plans.

What does a first visit look like?

During a first visit, a Naturopathic Doctor will review and examine your health concerns in detail to determine your complaints' root cause(s). Often lab tests are recommended, and previous test results are analyzed. If necessary, we recommend that you visit a lab for blood work as this helps a Naturopathic Doctor on which options are available to take the following steps in your wellness journey.

Meet Dr. Dara Morden BSc. ND - Naturopathic Doctor

“What would I do if I felt my best self?”

Dr. Dara Morden, ND, has been asking similar questions with her patients in her naturopathic medicine practice for nearly fifteen years. Dr. Morden understands an intrinsic link between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and her approach is whole-patient centred. She strives to address and treat the root cause, no matter the complexity. Her busy practice allows her to treat many common health concerns in pediatric, adult and geriatric populations.

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