Details Of A Homeopathic Visit

An appointment with Dr. Cardona consists of an Intake Visit, where health history as well as current health concerns are explored. Prior to the Initial Visit, an Intake Form should be completed by the client that summarizes the health concerns as well as indicates family history, supplement and drug history, and health indicators that are relevant to Dr. Cardona’s assessment and treatment plan. With the Intake Form, the client should read and sign a Consent to Treatment Form which outlines the type of treatment Dr. Cardona provides.

How long is an initial visit?

The Initial Visit with Dr. Cardona is 90 minutes for an adult and 60 minutes for a pediatric visit (child 13 years of age or younger). After a full assessment, Dr. Cardona will discuss a variety of recommendations and work with the patient to develop a treatment plan that can include dietary changes, tools for lifestyle adjustments, Homeopathic Medicines, Botanical Medicines, Laboratory Testing to determine metabolic and immune function, and Neutraceutical Protocols for health and wellness.

Assessing the root cause of disease

Dr. Cardona believes that a good physician is a good teacher. She knows that the best way to facilitate healing is to listen carefully to her clients and assess the root of the health concern and then to work with the client to restore optimal function through supportive medicines. Natural Medicine empowers the patient, in that it is a process of understanding where and why things went off track with respect to their health.

These questions are of vital importance to the healing process. Natural Medicine is becoming increasing popular because more and more people are wanting to be involved in their healing process. They are looking for a type of therapy that not only addresses the acute state of dysfunction, but more broadly looks to repair and restore optimal function. Wellbeing means different things to each of us, but the pathway to wellness is one that everyone seeks out. Dr. Cardona works alongside her clients to navigate the pathway to health via Natural Medicine and does so with a deep respect for her clients, for her colleagues in conventional medicine, and for the amazing medicines that nature provides.

Will there be a a physical examination?

During a visit, a physical examination may be expected to assess a health concern and laboratory testing may be done in-office if requested by the patient.